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PC Maintenance and Tune-up

from £35

The most common phone call we receive from customers is that their computer “Is running very slow”.

Computers are like a car, they need a service now and then to keep them running properly. We can often bring a computer up to or over it’s factory speed with a general tune up.

At the same time, we look for ways to improve the system, and we also test for potential faults that are developing, but not yet noticeable, so you have the time to get this fixed before a more serious issue occurs.

What does this service offer?

We offer various different PC Tune-ups for both Laptops and Desktop computers. We will of course provide our recommended actions upon diagnostic, and give you a choice of services to choose from.

  • Remove built up areas of dust and replace the thermal paste with fresh compound allowing the computer to cool as efficiently as possible.
  • Remove any unused programs, or programs which are not needed that are often bundled in software you download.
  • Remove any temporary files the computer may be using, giving you more disk space.
  • Perform all System Updates to ensure the computer is running the latest operating system that is supported, and also to ensure the computer remains protected with security updates.
  • Check the status of Antivirus software and make sure there are no threats found on your device.
  • Physical clean of the device leaving a new, finished refreshing look.